Have you ever wondered  why some people are wealthy while others live in poverty? Or better yet, how someone can win the lottery for hundreds of millions of dollars and then goes bankrupt with 5 years?

The answer is in their consciousness. There are (2) types of consciousness: prosperity consciousnesses and the poverty consciousnesses.

A poverty conscious being worries about money. For them, “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Only seeing the current conditions in front of them, a sense of lack is always present.  And because there is a sense of lack, money is either “hard to come by” or is spent, instead of used. Yes there is a difference. When you ‘spend’ money you exhaust it.  Whereas, when you ‘use’ money you are putting it back Intro circulation to be returned to you.

A consciousness of poverty is what keeps the poor person poor (not the rich man as many would like to believe) by the thoughts they have about themselves (self-worth) and by not applying their God’s given gift with others and most importantly not trusting in God to be the sole Provider for their needs, desires and wishes.

And because this is so, they think too small. In other words, they don’t dream BIG ENOUGH. Their desires rarely goes past getting through the week or their next governmental assistance check.

Their sight is limited as to what’s available to them. Instead of determining and utilizing what’s at hand, excuses are made and nothing unfolds.

For someone with a prosperity consciousness, life looks a lot different. This individual  has a vision beyond what is going on in front of them. They can see themself (vividly) going places.  They can imagine better for themselves and those they care about. Whether the care is for family, friends or a cause, better is their motivator and they believe they are the ‘source’ for said better.

So how does one move from one consciousness to the other?

They must first find security in a dependable source greater than their current source of supply. A source that is all powerful, unfailing, unyielding, and unable to say “no”. The latter is most important to me. 😊

(But I’m not going to lie, the others are cool as hell too.)

The only source of this magnitude I know of is God-Source. I’m not talking about your Santa Clause type God (the type to judge and deny) either mocked or feared today. Nor the god who answers prayers/giving seasonally. I’m referring to the almighty God. A God who creates just because that’s what It does. That’s what makes God-Sorce God!

To learn more about the God I’m talking about click on the video below!!

**This is part 1 of a two-part series***

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