What would life look and feel like for you if failure was nonexistent? What would be achieved? What if there were no excuses? How different would life be?

A life such as this is possible when we live to serve God. Being a servant of God is being of service to others.

Living a life worthwhile is simpler than often believed and it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience either. It’s all in knowing what your passion is. And your passion derives from struggles and challenges overcame through the Love and Grace of the Almighty. That’s right! Your passion is created from problems and issues you’ve had and desire to help others with.

Below are 5 steps to get you started living the life you were called to lead.

— Step 1: Get clear about what you truly desire. (Passion).

— Step 2: Identify talents and skills. (What)

— Step 3: Know your intent. (Why)

— Step 3: Identify your resources. (How)

— Step 4: Determine your target audience. (Who)

— Step 5: The method of delivery. (Where)

Step 1: Get clear about what you truly desire. (Passion)

Many of use are unaware of our true desires, as it is often believed money is the end all be all. However, this is not the case. While yes money does bring forth financial security, which ultimately leads to stability, money in itself really isn’t what is desired. What is really sought after is freedom. Freedom from that which binds us so we can do what we want when we we want. And that’s being of service to others.

As spiritual beings, a direct extension of Source/God, we have an innate desire to help others without having to compromise ourselves in the process.

But how does one go about this?

What I’ve found to be of great help to me was making a list of everything I wanted to become:

— Spiritual teacher

— Wellbeing and wellness coach

— Renowned author

In doing so I noted my passion is to teach others how to live fearlessly and abundantly as spiritual beings during their human experience.

Step 2: Identify talents/gifted and skills. (What)

Talents are internal gifts we were born with and our skills are things we’ve learned along the way.

After I completed the first step I began taking inventory of my strengths and interests. Notice I didn’t say ‘weaknesses’. This is because focusing on what we cannot do takes our attention away from the things we can.

Again making another list I jotted down first my talents, gifts and then whatever skills I’ve acquired.


— Gift of expression (verbally and written)

— Wisdom

— The word of knowledge

— Faith healing

— Creativity


— Public speaking

— Writing

— Typing

— Photography

— Vlogging

As you can see my talents, gifts and skills can be utilized towards my passion. In that, they can be used as ways to reach those who I can help.

Step 3: Identify your resources. (How)

Identifying your resources, meaning what’s currently and/or readily available to you will allow you to move forward in your endeavors.

Living in an era where technology reigns supreme there is no shortage of resources available to us. You just have to learn to make due with what’s on hand.

When I began my coaching practice I didn’t have an office space and quickly learned I didn’t need one. I realized I can conduct my sessions over the telephone instead of in-person. Which I found more beneficial to both parties. I didn’t have an overhead and my clients didn’t have to travel to me for my help. The only bill I had was my cellphone bill. Something I would have whether I was coaching or not.

As far as my ministry went, an online ministry seemed just as productive as attending service in a building. Utilizing YouTube and my blog site I am slowly but surely building a healing space. And it is here I can be the spiritual teacher I desire to be. The only overhead I have is a yearly subscription to my blog site.

With regards to becoming an author, I’ve written 2 books (a paperback and eBook) on my iPad. Since I’ve decide to self-publish my books the only thing required was internet service which I have free access to. Yup! You guessed it — No overhead.

Step 4: Determine your target audience. (Who)

Your target audience are those you are looking to serve. For me it was the hurting, lost and confused individuals who are seeking to expand their consciousness, while developing a relationship with the One Power with many names.

While there may be others out there who focuses on gender I chose to work those interested in soul care. Which I fact is what my books focuses on. Fitting for my passion.

Steps 5: The method of delivery. (Where)

Again, not having access to a building for a church or office space to conduct my weekly sessions, I utilized cyberspace and good ole Ma Bell to get the job done.


With that being said I do want to make note that being a servant of God does require you to become brave and courageous. Especially when doubts and uncertainty arises. But if you follow the 5 steps provided life for you will be nothing short of magically delicious. All you have to do is trust the universe has your back and God is in your corner..

Stay magically delicious and spiritually redefined!

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