Knowing any one thing from gathering data is not equivalent to knowing something by way of one’s personal experience. It’s like describing a red apple to someone who has never seen the color red or an apple for themselves. They could never fully experience the apple without seeing it, smelling it, touching it, even hearing the crunch an apple makes when bitten into it. The farthest one can go is the idea of what it either resembles or could be like.

When I lost my job back in 2015 I vowed I would never put myself in a position to get “fired’ from another job again. It would be two years before I was willing to entertain the idea of seeking a steady flow of income from working for a company. I had to “see” myself working for myself before I could believe I could. I decided to be of service to those who my skills could assist that I applied for a job. I thought of my paychecks as compensation for services rendered. In no time I began to believe I was working for myself and getting paid for my skills and talents. What I didn’t consider was the direction I was creating momentum towards.

Not even a year later my daughter contacted me to see if I would agree to watch and take care of my G-babies full-time and they would pay me. Being as though I work nights and part-time for the company I was working with I agree to babysit without quitting. Well that got old pretty fast and I managed to manifest being scheduled less and less often until I wasn’t being scheduled at all. I wanted to utilize my time learning, developing and creating myself. By 2019 I found myself experiencing what life is all about: creating, expressing and experiencing myself purposefully, deliberately and consciously spiritually.

Here I am in 2020 living a completely different life today than I could have imagined for myself just a few years ago. I don’t see myself as a babysitter but as a blessed individual who is able to spend quality and quantifiable time with my grand babies. Alleviating cause for stress and worries from the hearts and minds of their parents. All the while doing what I love most–learning, sharing and creating ways and means to teach what it is I’ve come to learn and experience for myself. There’s no force, no pressure, no sense of obligation. Only ease, love and a desire to help others along their way.

In his book, Conversation with God, Neil Donald Walsh stated we mustn’t lose sight of each other as sacred beings on a sacred spiritual journey within this time space realm of the physical. By doing so we rob ourselves of acknowledging we, as an individual, are sacred souls on a sacred journey within this time space reality in the realm of the physical plane. Viewing ourselves as such enables us to experience who and what we are with courage. Bravely showing the world what a particular thing looks like in action.

For instance, experiencing the glorious effects and results of being a Christian, I make it my duty to do things in a Christian way, so others can become a witness for themselves. Each day I wake up with my intentions set towards being an example needed to inspire others to follow God and serve His will. But doing what’s right when it’s right is damn near impossible when hardship, struggle, obstacles and a heap of lack in areas where abundance is deeply desired continues showing up in our lives as reality.

Truth be told, we all want to live out our truth. Each and everyone of us would love to be able to express ourselves freely. Living life transparently, authentically and with integrity and of good moral character is what we yearn for most in life. The irony comes in knowing there is nothing on the physical plane to stop us from showing our true selves but us. No government, family member, coworker, mate, spouse, church member, teacher or stranger is capable of preventing us from being the individual we choose to become at any given moment.

Where we tend to fall short is in the actual experience — Applying what we know conceptually into inspired action.

Since I’ve taken the liberty of sharing with you that ‘what’s, I’m going to take the opportunity and hip you to the how’s of it. In other words I’m going to help you come to learn how to move beyond conceptual knowing to actualize experiencing.

(1) Decide on the type of human being you want to create as yourself.

Choose to be that which is goodness. Loving, kind, tender, gentle, patience, understanding, courage, brave, uplifting, honesty, authentic and of good moral character.

(2) Utilize relationships for opportunity to express yourself as that human being.

Become the greatness you desire to be in the times of opposition. Instead of allowing others to dictate your actions by their treatment of you, seize those moments as opportunities to express yourself as the self created you.

(3) Take note of your experience as that special kind of special you’ve proven yourself to be in that moment.

Revel in the fact you did it! Embrace the feel good feeling of being you despite circumstances. And who are you? You are an individualized expression of God consciousness here to create, express and experience yourselves as the individual you desire to be.

Lead by example in order to inspire others to want the same for themselves. But first you must come to know who you are before you can come to know another. You must know the goodness inside of you prior to seeing goodness in others. You must first love yourself enough to live life fully from the perspective of your higher self before you can recognize the higher aspects of another. Everything begins and ends with you. Hardship doesn’t change you. Hardship only reveals who you’ve always been.

You have the power to change who you are at will!

So I ask, who would you love to show the world you are? What actions can you enact to bring that you to life? And how would you go about doing so?

Leave your comments in the comment section and share your thoughts, dreams and desires with us.

Love and light always my friend.

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