…and they said to Moses, “The people are bringing much more than enough for the construction work which the Lord commanded us to do.”

One thing I can say for certain the Bible has a way of providing comfort during trying times. The above is a verse serving as assurance to the goodness of God. It illustrates how God is willing and capable of gathering corresponding components for works of good. It demonstrates the results we as followers will experience when we are obedient to God‘s way of doing things.

This lets me know I have God as my provision and it matters not who chooses not to do for me or supply me with what’s needed for me to get the job done, God will send those willing and able my way–in abundance.

God, as our provision supplies us with means and methods for healing, building, renewing and restoring just to name a few.

I have bear witness to the power of our heavenly Father. Looking back I can honestly say he has been my Source for protection, mercy, grace, blessings and undying love. Even when I didn’t see it, feel it or believe it for myself.

Our day-to-day routine with all its ups and downs often times causes us to lose sight of all that God has blessed us with. We have become so wrapped up in thoughts about what we are not in possession of. Items the media convinces us we can’t seem to do without are being chased after in hopes of filling voids. We chase after money, relationships, fame, notoriety, at times, substances that allows moments of relief from whatever it is we are attempting to forget.

For instance, have you ever found yourself being there for someone who seem to always need you but goes MIA when you are the one in need? I can recall plenty of times this has happened to me. I would get so angry. Sometimes regretting the hand I extended. So much so, I would make plans to deny them any future assistance. What I didn’t know then that I’ve come to know since is that I cannot expect man to do for me what is God’s to handle. Even more invaluable once I became the source of all things great (love, kindness, compassion, empathy, generosity, etc.) I no longer remained needy.

Whenever I made God my plan A I’ve eliminated the need for plans B, C & D. This is not to imply I always do what the Lord calls me to do straight away because that is not the case. However, like Jonah I always seem to be lead back onto the path God has set before me. And you know what? God‘s path is more smoother, shorter in distance with a lot of help from friendly faces along the way. While at times I may lose my way I do remain on course more times than not.

I find doing what is pleasing to God is much more easier than attempting to please 7 billion men and women. Especially since their desired changes frequently.

Being a servant of God requires trust in God. There has to be a strong belief God sees you as worthy of all the good you desire for yourself. You have to feel within your spirit-self God does not destroy, He restores. He does not cause illness, He heals. He does not wound His children, He mends us. And God will never punish but we’ll always convict us.

In the absence of those truths I don’t think I would have a desire to do God’s bidding. But seeing all God has done for me I can’t deny truth.

In truth God is my provision for my every need.

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