A friend of mine sent me the above gif with the following text:

“Navaeh, this image is how I see the lesson you taught just the other day…”.

When I tell you “I’ve been through some stuff”, I’ve been through some stuff! Sexual abuse. Emotional abuse. Psychological abuse. Bullying. Suicide attempts. Cutting. All types of things. Yet, I’ve been spared of many.

As a soul care provider I love nothing more than helping others grasp a deeper understanding of the holy trinity, it’s function and purpose. Why? Because I was healed fully by coming to this understanding. How? During my healing process I took the time to become familiar with quantum mechanics which explains consciousness. I went beyond my expertise in psychology and brought it to a soul level. I took interest and binged learned about perception and the outer environment.

But I didn’t stop there.

I went on further to learn the laws of the universe. What they were and how to work within it to experience a desired result. However, I must admit the most invaluable of everything I’ve come to know for myself is God. In developing a personal, intimate relationship with Him everything makes sense. Sickness/health. Wealth/poverty. Life/death. Heaven/hell. And all things in between.

Understanding the interconnectedness of consciousness, mind and body created a bridge for understanding the relationship between me, as the effect, and God, as the First Cause.

So I thought it would be a great idea to share my response with him here with you. Just in case you may have been wondering or perhaps have wondered but never got an answer. At least not one that had resonated with you. So without further ado…

Here goes…Starting from the back:

Consciousness: This is the “You” at the core. The awareness, a witness, the observer. It is where God, love and you are one.

Soul: Here is where the conscious being experiences a sense of self. The ego resides here. It is also where thinking, feelings and will takes place. Of which “You” as the consciousness (conscious man) have dominion and absolute authority over. No man can infiltrate this space nor can you allow anyone to do so. Everything is up to you.

Body: The body is used. We are not it. The body assists the conscious being in experiencing
the physical realm while remaining in the spiritual realm.

In short consciousness is God. God experiences life through us, as us. It is by the use of the soul body does He do so. However there has to be something in place that needs to be experienced before God can experience being Life. Thus, the physical realm.

This is where the body comes into play. The body receives information through stimuli. The brain then processes the information given and depending upon which area of the brain is activated releases chemicals in association of that particular experience. The chemicals then takes effect and produces sensations.

Sensations are felt within the space of the soul. The soul, a vibrating entity, sends signals out into the universe by vibrating at the level of the emotion of the sensation.

The universe receives the vibration and reflects it back to the soul body as an identical reflection. Depending on the initial thought about the feeling felt during the experience the soul body will move accordingly. Thereby causing the same experience to repeat itself. Before one knows it a cycle has begun.

With consciousness being aware as a witness observing it all in love, as God in a form of man.

Hope that helps. If not please drop me your questions in the comment section and we’ll work it out.

Until then stay magically delicious as you become spiritually redefined.

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