As you continue to read I would like you to keep the above photo in mind. For, it will assist you greatly in what I’m about to reveal to you in a bit.

Furthermore, I need you to understand and accept that all things mentioned ONLY applies to YOU…YOU the READER. Not who YOU think it should apply to but Y.O.U. Okay? Kewl!

Lastly, I must add that I am not trying to take anything away from you but just add to your, ‘something to think about’ list. I want you to find answers to EVERY single question you have and question those answers and so on and so on. I want what I say to you cause you to think on your own and compare what I’ve said to what your other sources said and think your OWN thoughts based on your ideas. Trust me, you already know all the answers to all your questions, we’ve just never knew. But know I do and you will too!!

Ok, here goes…

What I am about to reveal to you can and will change your world. I know it did for me. And as a result, changed my life. I became freed of so many illusory beliefs that it was overwhelming, so much so it frightened me.

That’s when Albert Einstein’s quote, “It takes a bit of insanity to become free”, came to mind. I found so much truth to this on many levels.

But rests assure, the peace, freedom and clarity that follows will be well worth it! All you have to do is want it bad enough.

I would like to demonstrate how I find the process of thought to work. Now, I’m quite aware that there will be some who will not be able to understand what I’m conveying today, however, it will later on in life.

So what is a thought? How does it develop? Where do thoughts come from? What are the results of them?These are all questions I had and this is what I find.

Before we can know what thoughts are we must first come to learn where it’s housed.

Thought occurs, resides and takes place in the mind, a non-local entity. A realm in the non-physical. To take it a bit deeper, thoughts are the mirror to the soul. The phrase, “The eyes are the mirror to the soul“, is often understood as someone being able to see truth by looking into someone else’s eyes. ‘This would explain the belief that one requires the speaker to look them in the eyes when they want an honest answer. But you and I both know that doesn’t always happen. If it did, no one would have never been lied to to their face.

So there must be another explanation for the meaning for the phrase.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”.

The above is life’s biggest secret. A secret not meant to be a secret but because of the unawareness of this knowledge.

This saying isn’t really a quote but an actual principle. As one of the seven principles of Hermes Trismegistus, author of Hermetic Corpus, As Within, So Without, As above, So below, As the universe so the soul, can be best understood broken down into sections:

As Within – What do we think within ourselves

So Without – Will be expressed or reflected on the world we live.

As above – As in Heaven – (Your own mind)

So below – So on Earth – (In your body and environment)

As the universe – The Creative force (God)

As the soul – Co – creator (man)

Good or bad, whatever we think or accept (consciously) will definitely be the circumstances of our life. These circumstances will be solidified unto your and into your world. Thus, creating your reality.

To summarize this in a nutshell, ‘As inside of you (the eyes), so outside of you (the mirror); man’s experience with the outer environment (the soul).

All taking place first in the mind, aspiring physical results, outside of the mind. And the all taking place are thoughts, initiated by the thinking process.

Thoughts are energy. Lacking mass, they cannot be experienced through the human senses; and unlike thinking, which takes place in the soul, thought occurs in the mind.

The mind itself does not have the capacity (room) for thinking. It is a storage place for memories and accepted ideas, opinions and beliefs.

The majority of your thoughts are of accepted/adopted beliefs or the opinions of others who were trusted by you to be truth. Later becoming your own. So while they may or may not have experienced those”truths” themselves personally, you are living their truths mentally. All in your head region. Not in your head (because everything in your head is solid) but in the area of the headspace.

Thoughts entertained/focused on, has dire consequences. First, thoughts forms beliefs and beliefs creates a web of beliefs known as a belief system. This system causes you to vibrate at a certain vibration at a specific frequency.

Whatever your vibration is (high or low) is the determining factor in what type and kind of experience you will have in the physical environment.

Then begins the loop!

The more your experience of something, the more of the same thoughts you will have; creating more of the experience of it, and so on and so on.

This briefly explains the Law of Attraction.

So how does one change their thoughts for a more suitable and desirable experience? You must begin by changing your thinking pattern. The only way to do this is by challenging your current beliefs. You do this by asking yourself if any of the beliefs held are currently happening to you right this moment. If not, let the old belief go and fully accept your current situation as your new found truth.

It matters not from who or where your belief roots from; the seed placed in the realm of the mind are not seeds planted by you. You are eating from someone else’s garden and digesting someone else’s diet — Let them go and grow your own crops.

“He who is loyal to the ignorance of others is disloyal to knowledge of the self”.

While others may mean well, more times than not more harm than good is done. The only way to ensure their goodwill doesn’t become your demise, you have to leave their truths, beliefs and opinions with them and gather your own original/self experienced, truths, beliefs and opinions for yourself. And you do this by starting where you are currently standing and begin to move/will yourself from there and there only.

Changing your belief system created by a web of beliefs, strengthened over decades of acceptance, takes not only time but conscious effort. In other words, you must keep the thinking process running in the background at all times so that the thought process is processing newly introduced thoughts [derived from your own thinking].

It is said a belief is formed after 21 days of thinking the same thought over and over and over again. Not once a day but many times throughout the day. This is called affirmations.

Affirmations creates new beliefs; new beliefs creates new experiences and new experiences creates new thoughts.

Encompassing a new belief system not only enhances your life but also the lives of others. The more lives you begin to enhance moves you from seeker to source. And baby when that happens, your on a whole new level!

Now you have your what’s, where’s, why’s, who’s, and how’s about it (your welcome 🤗) go do something with it.

If you desire to learn where and how to begin growing your own crops I urge you to read, Cultivating Your Consciousness for Abundance.

Namaste 🙏

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