Covid – 19 is the plague of the millennia. Like the flu pandemic of 1889-1890, this virus destroyed a high number of bodies on a global scale.

Within this planet are a plethora of unknown viruses and bacterias not yet known to man. When they present themselves in the body they are considered ‘new’. Because of the newness we are unfamiliar with their nature, structure, and their impact on a full-scale until the worst case scenario is documented. Nor is there an immediate cure. Being as though the antibodies are discovered in the virus/bacteria themselves. Which can take anywhere between months to years to develop.

During that time mankind will experience sickness and, at times, death of the human vessel. Within this time fear, panic and anxiety are at the highest plateau. Never easing up due to a constant reminder of the cause and affect spoken of by low levels of consciousness serving as broadcasters.

“He who controls the airwaves control the masses”. ~Myles Monroe

It wasn’t until 2017 did I begin to take note of the impact sound waves had upon the receiver. From the voices of the mind to the outer sounds permeating through the air, sound carries vibrations interpreted by the spiritual self and is experienced as a sensation within the body.

Sounds conjoin with images proves for a lasting effect and has a deeper impact as they bring shape and form into memories. The frequency of exposure to the sound and sight creates beliefs which will eventually be held as truths. Thereby, creating reality for oneself.

As such, one man’s reality isn’t the same reality lived by another. Collectively we are each experiencing our own reality created in our personal world. In other words you are not confined to the reality of another.

Which brings me to this present moment in time.

As the inhabitants of this planet via of the human body, we are subjected to its conditions. With one of the plights being the coronavirus.

Because this virus is new to our human experience some human vessels are unable to withstand its presence and the body becomes uninhabitable by the conscious, formless, shapeless spirit being. This process is known as death of the body.

Unfortunately for many the death of one’s body is believed to be the death of the individual self. 

“Follow Me, and let the dead bury the dead”. (Matthew 8:22)

While many meanings can be extracted from the scripture, my knowledge of scripture this verse serves as a reminder to follow the teachings of Jesus about my relationship to God as a spiritual self. Which tells me the ‘I’ in back of the body is an eternal being.

As the spirit being I am consciousness, ageless, timeless, incapable of being harmed in anyway, shape or form. And to those who believes otherwise are dead in spirit.

So I urge you to turn your sight away from the conditions of this earthly plane and tap into the spiritual you created in the image and likeness of that which created you.

Now is the time for you to explore your own potential of what you can do to bring love, peace, joy and happiness to others who may be experiencing fear, anxiety, depression and such.

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