Today I came across a video by Dr. Mike Murdock entitled “How to Improve your Life in 24 Hours.” In this video Dr. Murdock listed (8) steps we must take if we want to become successful at life. One of them being journaling for 31 days 3 things we are grateful for.

Recognizing an attitude for gratitude raises our vibrations and allows for us to focus on the good; calling for more good in our experiences, I didn’t hesitate doing this.

Ironically today is the best day to start. With that said here goes…

____________________ ❣️ ____________________

March 16, 2020

Today I am grateful for:

1. Sharing the word of God for 2 hours with a fellow I know from the neighborhood  

2. Reconnecting with an old pal I’ve lost touch with. Our conversation was wonderful we wound up talking for 3 hours. 

3. Spending some fun filled time with my mom and youngest daughter.

____________________ ❣️ ____________________

March 17, 2020

While today did not go as planned it did and very nicely nonetheless. Still trying to find direction on how to grow my business I came across a video made by Vanessa Lau, founder of Boss Gram Academy, on how to do so using Instagram. During her video was a link which led me to one of her master classes.

And let me tell you this woman knows her stuff!! 

I’ve learned a lot of noteworthy information that’ll assist me greatly. Which brings me to today’s Attitude for Gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:

1. As simple as this may sound I am grateful for the election devices that allows me to connect with others whom I can learn from.

2. Witnessing the deterioration of my stepfather’s brain, I am truly grateful for mine which is still in tip top shape. Allowing me the capacity to learn what’s needed for a full life. 

3. I am so appreciative for my space. I thoroughly enjoy my time alone with little to no distractions or outside pressures. My home is where I am able to be at peace.

____________________ ❣️ ____________________

March 18, 2020

I woke up this morning with one thing on the mind — Bringing someone back to the Presence of God! I didn’t care how. In person, online or the phone. The method was never a factor for me.

All I wanted to do was talk about God. And that I did!

Today I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful for those who’ve tuned in and chimed in on the video I streamed today. The comments served as fuel for strength.

2. I am grateful for being the reminder of God’s Words when anger and chaos struck.

3. But most of all I am grateful for life. An experience surpassing lifetimes. 

____________________ ❣️ ____________________

March 19, 2020

Discovering then reading and ultimately listening to the translation of the Lost Gospel of Thomas leaves me in a state of profoundness and clarity.

Since coming to know God the Bible has been my lifeline. My go to for instructions, guidance, directions and everlasting Truths. But coming into this newfound wisdom I find the light within illuminate in ways I’ve never experienced prior. Bringing me to today’s list of gratitude and appreciation.

Today I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful to God for leading me to those who can assist me with my spiritual maturity.

2. I am grateful for the Book of Life that continues to renew, restore and reposition me in the realm of my Heavenly Father.

3. Last but surely not least I am ever so grateful for those who seeks knowledge and shares them with the world for soul’s like myself.

____________________ ❣️ ____________________

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