Navaeh Devansha Trinity,  lives by the spiritual laws and counsels others so they may attain clear thinking in their lives. Truly that of an authentic and genuine spirit,  Navaeh is a true healer of the soul. Her knowledge of the function, purpose and inner workings of the multidimensional being and life are expansive. Navaeh has a way of teaching in a manner that is a transformational experience full of insight and a clear guide to clarity.

Her connection to the universe allows her to connect on a soulful level with her students and clients alike. Her language is that of a universal dialect speaking the universal language spoken directly to the soul.

After experiencing her own personal traumatic event, turning her life upside down, she has since committed her life to decoding the inner and outer workings of life, changing her from a reactor to life’s happenings into a creator of her experiences. Allowing her to become a master at manifestation. Her eagerness, determination and commitment for change, has taken her from someone who wanted to end her life to someone who has become a creator of life.

Since then, she has helped many along their way, allowing them to also become creators manifesting desires into reality. Her students and clients alike are known to witness immediate and lasting results. They are no longer fearful but knowing in their capabilities in obtaining success in achieving any goals set.

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