Prayer of Surrender

There will come a time when surrendering is the only option. Especially when God’s Will isn’t n alignment with our plans. During these moments we must take a step aside and let God lead.

Into My Feelings – Today I Surrender

Here I sit prepared to bare it all (fears, concerns, uncertainty). Not only will I do that but also I’m going to do it MY way. I’m not in this for perfection (a thing I only knew of) but instead expression. Here I make my own rules and become proud at my unique style. A … Continue reading Into My Feelings – Today I Surrender


    Since this mass awakening to "truth" many churchgoers fled from their prospective churches and along with it, began to disregard the Bible and its teachings. But to understand the Bible is to know its contents are for the ways of the Spiritual being (individual soul) and not the physical mind body . It … Continue reading THE BIBLE AS YOUR GUIDE

Understanding Life’s Lessons & Acing Its Exams

First and foremost I would like to take this moment to give our Creator all the praises and glory for the opportunity to experience life as a life amongst other lives. With that being said, this gift comes with rewards that we must earn. In other words, life is free, the rewards comes at a … Continue reading Understanding Life’s Lessons & Acing Its Exams

​God’s Creation…Understanding the ‘Me’

There was a time I was afraid to remember. A struggle that came about due to my fear of not being real and the thought of me being alone because of it. That's some shit to go through...especially when you know you know why, but was to afraid of not being afraid because not being … Continue reading ​God’s Creation…Understanding the ‘Me’