You know, the Lord has a way of doing what you need done before the task was ever thought of.

I met Kenn in 2019 on YouTube when he commented on a video I had made. Back then many, if not most, of my videos were politically based.

Ironically prior to 2017 I couldn’t have given a damn about politics. But after witnessing the media spinning truth to fit their narrative I became curious about the truth. In doing so I was led to do a whole lot of research of my own. In that time I learned, discovered and shared my thoughts, feelings and beliefs on the manner. Which I will admit wasn’t always in a loving way.

I guess this could be why I woke up one day to a prayer, from Kenn, in my Messenger inbox. Lol.

But whatever the reason was, I am blessed he felt it to be fit to share that prayer with me. And has been ever since. Depending on how he is feeling health wise he will send me prayers sometimes 3x a week.

Each prayer he sends seems to be from God’s hands to my ears because they answer questions I’ve never asked anyone in particular or they are affirming or confirming what I should know or have always known. In other words they are on time and in time.

After a year and some change of receiving his abundance of prayers I thought to ask him if he wouldn’t mind sharing them with others. And before I could conjure the thought to ask and pose the idea to him he suggested I share the prayers on my platform. I was elated!

In fact, his exact words were, “Sure go ahead and share them. The more people see them, the more people will be blessed by them“. I knew right then and there God was all in the mix from before the beginning.

As such, I thought it would only be right to give his prayers a platform of their own to stand on.

No matter what your prayer calls for I can assure you God will lead you to the best one for you for a specific time.

If you’ve found some type of comfort, relief and maybe confirmation I invite you to share them with others on your platform. Like Kenn said the more eyes these prayers reach the more opened hearts will become.

Ok…so I may have paraphrased a smidgen 😊…But you get the gist.